Preserve Camelback Mountain, Stop Out of Control Construction!

“If we ruin Camelback, ever afterward people will think of Phoenix as the city that made something ugly of the most beautiful thing it had.”
Barry Goldwater – Arizona Republic, 1965

The Threats
The highest undeveloped lot on Camelback Mountain sits at a 52 percent slope. It is targeted for an almost 10,000-square-foot home, the largest ever constructed on Camelback Mountain. To access the proposed house, an approximately 600-foot-long roadway will cut deeply into the steep mountainside, forever scarring the iconic mountainside.
The proposed house and driveway sit in a boulder field at an elevation of 1,800 feet. If constructed, the boulders, some the size of small cabins, will be dynamited, forever disfiguring and destroying this treasured landmark.
This highest undeveloped lot is surrounded on 3 sides by land which was gifted many years ago to the Phoenix Mountain Preserve, so that Camelback Mountain, over 1,800 feet, would be protected.
In addition to this highest lot, private owners hold a few other undeveloped lots on Camelback Mountain. Some may be available for purchase and preservation. None of the others are at the precarious elevation of this highest lot.

Take Action!
Sign this Petition and let the Town of Paradise Valley, the Hillside Building Committee, and Mayor Michael Collins know that the scenic beauty of Camelback Mountain is an asset for everyone, should not be scarred and ruined by carving driveways and building sites for over-sized homes high up on Camelback. Please sign our petition and help us preserve Camelback Mountain for our children and generations to come.

This petition will be delivered to:
  • Town of Paradise Valley
  • Hillside Building Committee
  • Mayor Michael Collins
  • Paradise Valley Town Council

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