REZONE corner of Sgt. Donald Lucas! Help support safety & minimize traffic in school zone

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In mid June the residents of Sgt. Donald Lucas Drive and surrounding area were notified that a potential drive-through establisment was to be developed at the corner of Topsail Road and Sgt. Donald Lucas Drive. The land in which the proposed drive-through was to be placed sits within a very busy school zone and in the middle of a family orientated residential neighbourhood. Residents of the area rallied together, and with community support for the #kidsovercoffee campaign, presented safety and traffic concerns to the Town of Paradise council members. To the appeasement of residents in the area the Town of Paradise council decided to reject the proposal for the drive-through. However, the fight for our neighbourhood and safe school zone is not over! The land of proposed development at the corner of Sgt. Donald Lucas Drive was zoned as residential until 2013. Sadly, this land was rezoned to commercial neighbourhood without the knowledge that the area was soon to be part of a busy school zone. This means any business or commercial venture can potentially open shop in the middle of a residential school zone. With commercial operations comes increased traffic and thus would increase the traffic in an already busy school zone and impede safety! This potential commercial development must consider children safety concerns, environmental concerns, noise pollution concerns and area residents concerns. Please support the rezoning of this land, to be either residential or green space, as we urge the Town of Paradise to please rezone the area to reflect the interest and needs of the current neighbourhood and school zone. Thank you for your support!