Improved Playground Speed Signage in Osoyoos

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This petition is to bring attention to the Town of Osoyoos Planning Department that proper signage and speed enforcement needs to be improved around our school and playground zones. My case in point is on 89th street from 70th ave intersection until the end of the Splash Park at Kingfisher Drive, is notorious for speeding and reckless, aggressive driving.

Many people are confused between the PLAYGROUND ZONE and SCHOOL ZONE signs and what the time limits are for each. I would like to see improved signage that is clear and visible, clearly outlining the times  such as ; DAWN TILL DUSK 7 DAYS A WEEK.  7:30AM TILL 1HR AFTER DUSK 7 DAYS A WEEK. 

As well as signage to indicate NO PASSING  and as well as a flashing light attached that works by solar power to illuminate during set hours at both ends of the zone. A illuminated sign showing speed also makes a huge impact. 89th street may be one of the most dangerous stretches of road in Osoyoos around a playground and it is imperative to have clear speed expectations and enforcement before a child gets injured or worse. 

Please show your support to our children and families that use the 3 playgrounds surrounding the school and protect our youth while they are walking to and from school by enforcing SLOWER SPEEDS and CLEAR EXPECTATIONS.