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Town of Nantucket - Zoning: Put Article 38 Back On The Table At Town Meeting

Amend The Cap on Major Commercial Developments to allow for a large grocery store.

Article 38 was pulled from the annual Town Meeting. It states the following:

Article 38: This proposal, later amended, initially proposed that the island’s temporary cap on new major commercial developments greater than 20,000 square feet be made permanent. Last Thursday, the Planning Board voted to set the proposal aside until a study group could examine the issue.

The island cannot wait until next fall for someone to "examine the issue". The issue is real, and the issue is now. The island is growing and so is our need for a grocery store. No grocery store chains will give the island a chance with our cap at 20,000 square feet. Give our year-round islanders and visitors the grocery store we need and deserve and amend zoning to make an exception for a grocery store to build up to 45,000 square feet.

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