Save Chuck Dawley!

Save Chuck Dawley!

March 8, 2021
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Town of Mount Pleasant - Town Council Members
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Started by Denise Theriault

Mt Pleasant SC - Town Council Meeting 3/9/21 6 pm

ReZoning of  1277 Chuck Dawley Dominion Energy Property

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

Please write to your council members to encourage them to vote NO to the rezoning of 1277 Chuck Dawley Blvd from AB to PI2.  

The existing zoning of the property is AB which doesn’t allow Lay Down Yard as a use. SCE&G has been using the property in this manner for years and wishes to upzone to PI2 to be conforming along with other site additions. Please review the PI2 uses that would be allowed: Fuel Storage and Dispensing, Recycling and Waste-Related Facility, Transportation Terminal, Public Utility Substation, 
Water and Wastewater Treatment and Distribution Systems and Facilities.  Are any of these uses appropriate bordering residential neighborhoods?   Are they appropriate for the main entry into our town from I526?

To offer your support in getting this request denied, please sign this petition and /or attend the meeting at Town Hall Tues, March 9th at 6pm.  Reach out to our town council members via email / phone : 843-884-8517.   Please note that this PASSED at first reading so this is the final reading! Here are your town council members and how they voted:

Mayor Will Haynie:       Voted to approve upzoning

Howard Chapman:    Voted to approve upzoning

Brenda Corley:       Voted to approve upzoning

Laura Hyatt:              Voted NO to upzoning

Kathy Landing:        Voted to approve upzoning

Tom O'Rourke:   to'      Voted to approve upzoning

Jake Rambo:              Voted NO to upzoning

Gary Santos:         Voted NO to upzoning

GM Whitley       Voted to approve upzoning

A big thank you to Ms. Hyatt, Mr. Rambo, and Mr. Santos and to all who sign this petition today!








This petition made change with 63 supporters!

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