Stop the construction of a manure lagoon on Maiden Lane Road.

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  • Our ground water - We all use well water as there is no public water available. (Cayuga County told me to have the water tested immediately and yearly until the nitrates and chloroform appear. It will be too late then.) We are also certain that we can prove that the runoff from that hill does, in fact, drain into the Seneca River Outlet which connects to Auburn and Cayuga and Owasco lakes as well as the Erie Canal and other bodies of water.
  • Our road - This is a one lane road which is already in a state of disrepair and cannot even be striped because it is too narrow. This pond will generate the use of tanker trucks to inject and withdraw the manure which means dozens of tanker trucks a week, year round. If a school bus encounters a tanker truck, there will be no way for either to pass through. Also, who will pay for future repairs and maintenance of this road? The taxpayers will, according to the highway department.
  • Our air quality - In addition to manure, there will be rotten vegetables and other food matter inserted into this pond. The site is on a hill with a prevailing north northwest wind. This smell will literally carry over our land and through the town.
  • Our property values - We were just reassessed last year at a higher assessment for the town and our property values will most certainly decline if this pond remains. We cannot even consider selling our property now because we would have to disclose this information and I cannot imagine anyone wanting to pay full value anymore, if at all.
  • Our quality of life will cease to be what it is. I cannot imagine living in a home where I cannot open my windows. We will also be prevented from enjoying outside time and the simple pleasure of a walk down the road. Our children will not be able to play outside.
  • Local wildlife impact will be immediate and widespread, especially since there is currently no fencing around the site and no permits drawn to install one, as of our current research.

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