Anti-Gun Violence Rally on Lexington Battle Field for June 9th

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Gun violence is a daily occurrence for Americans; in the schools, homes, streets, and causing extreme damage to communities. Everyday, 96 americans are killed due to gun violence, not to mention those who are injured and those who are haunted by the trauma. I was going to say thoughts and prayers because I thought maybe in some ways it would be enough. It's not enough. It's fine. We must strive for more than fine. We must strive for empowering, motivational, strong, and above all; united. We call for people of Lexington and anyone who wants to join, to come together and fight for our own revolution. Times have changed. The way we interpret the second amendment is different. This isn't a political issue; it's a social issue. We will invite students from a variety of backgrounds to speak and give their stories. This is about listening and putting things into perspective for everyone. Understanding that there is truth within another's arguement. We ask the town of Lexington to approve the permit for the Battle Green, so that we can have a rally and fight for peace and a safer future. Sign this petition to present to the Lexington Board so that we can get approval for the permit. Thank you! We hope to see you there.