Stop Langham Town Council from evicting Menno Zacharias.

Stop Langham Town Council from evicting Menno Zacharias.

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Langham Town Council has decided to evict Menno Zacharias from living at his home at 127 Baxter Street. Please help him save his home by showing the Town of Langham Council members how much we care about our citizens. 


House was built in 1983 and used as a residence from 1983 to 2013. It was zoned Industrial and taxed as residential

The house was repossessed by the bank and sat vacant from 2013-2018.

Menno purchased the house in March, 2018 and it remained zoned industrial and taxed as residential.

The Town Administrator then changed the taxing to Industrial. Annual tax in 2018 was approx $3700. This was increased to $6200 in 2019. 

Applications to install a driveway to the property and to have town water installed to the property (and paid for by Menno) was denied by Town of Langham. 

November 2018 - Menno requested a 1 year extension to leave the zoning and taxes the way they were and allow him to reside there. He was DENIED AND TOLD THAT COUNCIL FELT THAT WAS UNETHICAL. 

Menno then requested the zoning be changed to residential - This was also Denied by the Town of Langham.

Menno then submitted Development and Discretionary Use applications to operate a business and reside in the residence. All fees were paid ($250) and all requirements were complied with.

Menno received a hand delivered letter on July 16th informing him that the Council was denying his application and he has to vacate his house by 11:59pm on July 31, 2020 or pay a fine of $2,500 per day. 

Please contact the Town of Langham to have them re-evaluate their decision to evict Menno Zacharias. Menno is a long time citizen that has given so much to the wonderful community of Langham and doesn't deserve to be evicted. 

Mayor John Hildebrand - 306-230-5327 or

Carol Epp - 306-491-7996 or

Dione Wall - 306-381-4277 or

Eric Dolan - 306-227-9451 or

Randy Kary - 306-229-9186 or

Brendan Proctor - 306-283-9298 or

Tammy Beriault - 306-283-3341 or