Caille Ave Children , Pedestrian and Cyclists Safety concerns

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The residents of Caille Avenue respectfully request your attention regarding safety concerns due to
increased traffic along Caille Avenue. The progression of the community due to West Beach
improvements, transformation of cottages into year around residences, and construction activities are several contributing factors to the increase in vehicular traffic levels on this beach road. Combined with the increase in running and cycling club’s usage of the street has created multiple scenarios of unsafe circumstances.

This is of immediate concern for safe passage of residents and visitors during the roundabout
construction period beginning April 8th where traffic will be re-routed onto Caille Avenue. Our
experience during the initial attempt to begin the roundabout in the Fall of 2018, has raised this cause for concern. These unsafe conditions will be exacerbated by the resultant increased traffic requiring the implementation of traffic calming measures. These measures must be included as part of the construction plans and must be used in the near future to address the issues listed below as a permanent solution.

Please see below our concerns and requests for solutions.

- Safety for children
- Safe pedestrian travel
- Safe bicycle travel
- Increased traffic
- Speed of traffic
- No sidewalks or bike paths
- No lighting
- On road flooding due to low lying areas
- Line of site issue at corner of Rourke and Caille

Requested Immediate Temporary Solutions:
- Reduced speed limit from 40 to 25 km/hr
- Seasonal speed bumps (non snow season until permanent solutions are in place)
- Increased Police presence for speed enforcement
- Temporary lighting improvements

- Autistic Child Signage
- Children Playing Signage (38 children under the age of 9 residing on Caille Ave)

Requested Permanent Solutions:
- Maintain reduced speed limit to 25 km/hr
- Speed bumps (similar to those in front of Lakeview Park)
- Sidewalk/Bike path on south side of Caille Avenue
- Regrade and repave Caille Avenue
- Street light installation
- Autistic Child Signage
- Children Playing Signage (38 children under the age of 9 residing on Caille Ave)

Thank you,
Caille Avenue Residents