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Concerns about Kairos Ranch

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Dear Town of Kewaskum Board Members, 

The purpose of this letter is to request communication and to reopen the approval of a Conditional Use Permit for the Kairos Ranch at 4265 County Highway H.  The majority of our neighborhoods were completely unaware that this was in the works, let alone already approved by the Town of Kewaskum Board on May 15th, 2017.  

The Kairos Ranch is 0.4 miles from our neighborhoods, where there is an abundance of young children and families who live there.  Also, it is the main corridor into the Village limits, and will be travelled by residents of this Ranch.  It is understood that there was very little community presence at the Town Board meetings where this was discussed, in both April and May 2017, which is due to the lack of knowledge about the application in whole.  The presence of this program is going to change the safety and security of our families and properties.  We are perplexed by the lack of communication on the part of the Town and of the Kairos Ranch Board beyond the 500 ft that was required.  

When I met with Pastor Troy Loether, who is the main contact point for this program, he along with another board member, Tony Koebel, could not answer any questions regarding safety measures, security measures, resident backgrounds, staff, staff training, etc and told me that this is all being worked on and will be determined when the property opens up.  This leads me along with many of my neighbors to feel that this approval was made rushed, and it did not need to be.

The fact that this was posted in the Kewaskum Statesman Public Notices section twice before this approval was made (a publication that the majority of my generation do not read) and on the Village and Town websites (sites I was unsuccessful in finding these website postings), and not made known to all citizens in close proximity in writing (beyond the 500 ft that the Town of Kewaskum was required to do) is unsettling.   

We would like to request to open this approval back up for an opportunity to be informed and our concerns heard, as we feel we should have had this opportunity in the first place.  This issue needs immediate attention and consideration as we are feeling highly under-informed.

Thank you for your consideration, 

Town and Village of Kewaskum Residents



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