Rebuild an " Exact Replica "of the original Kap Symbol

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We the undersigned believe that;

the original Kapuskasing sign truly represented
what we feel Kauskasing means to us;

In the center of the central panel the Kapuskasing symbol,
as designed by Lachlan ( Lachie ) MacLachlan,
is superimposed in the colors red, black, green and gold.

Predominating the symbol are the two large stacks
representing our local primary industry.

Interlocked with one of the stacks is the letter "K",
signifying the inter-dependence of the community and industry.
An intersecting south to north tangent encompasses
the community as part of the northward progress
in which Kapuskasing is playing a significant role.
Finally, the green circle surrounds the community,
industry and immediate area represents the greenbelt forest
to which the community and industry attribute their existence.

Kapuskasing will be 100 years old in the very near future,,,,

And for this very special occasion,

We, the past, present and future

Residents of Kapuskasing;

Are requesting that the Town of Kapuskasing
should rebuild an " Exact Replica " of this famous Kap symbol,
and place it permanently within the Town
as part of the celebration of our Town’s first century birthday.

We also feel that it would be appropriate
to honor the Gentleman,
Mr. Lachlan ( Lachie ) MacLachlan,
who originally designed and constructed our symbol.