Protect Small Family Farming and Stop Local Gov't Manipulation Before It's Too Late!

Protect Small Family Farming and Stop Local Gov't Manipulation Before It's Too Late!

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Angie Bartkus started this petition to Chairman and Supervisors Town Board of Jackson, WI and

UPDATE:  Since starting this petition and meeting with the Town Board, we have found that the reach of the complainant is even bigger than we imagined!  They have been able to anonymously complain, reach out and convince their cronies that they are in the right, AND STILL sit in a position of power and decision over this issue.  How can our government let that happen?  Where is the transparency that should be an expectation in the American gov't system?  Where is the ability for the public to defend themselves?  AT THE VERY LEAST, the complainant should have to recuse themselves of any discussion or vote - or identify their bias.  At worst, we worry that laws are being bent or broken in order to keep them on the "winning side" in this.  We are not able to get more information, so it makes no sense.  Feeling as though we are being hit with the gavel and expected to just follow "status quo"...that is not helpful at all.  Many of the Board members wanted to help, but those who have the most power were able to say NO. Makes people distrust government.  Leaves us with a horrible taste in our mouth for the community we LOVE.  

We are frustrated, we are tired, but we are not giving up.  They are too used to people giving up.  

In 2017, Chad and Jody Erickson of Jackson, Wisconsin bought their little corner of happiness. Their small farm has been their refuge, their place to connect with the community that surrounds them and an opportunity to create an accessible, humane and welcoming place where people could get to truly know where their food comes from.

They are consistently offering friends, both old and new, to visit their farm and see their small operation in practice.  This allows people to experience the farm and be part of a growing desire in a renewed interest in knowing where healthy, delicious and good food comes from.


On November 17, 2021 the Ericksons were basically told by the Town of Jackson that they can no longer chase their dream to provide for their friends, family, and customers. The problem? The way the Town rules are currently written prohibit them from having the animals on their land.  They need to purchase more land in order to comply.  Does this make sense?  I suppose it does - at one time, and only from one point of view.  These rules were made during a time when there was less attention on the comfort and lives of the animals, the livestock.  Many larger farmers in the area only need to own a few more acres and they are able to put more livestock in their barns (on cement floors) and leave them live inside like that.

Chad and Jody are FAMOUS in our area for their farm motto of "one bad day".  What does that mean?  It means that the animals they care for and raise (pigs, beef cattle, laying chickens, meat chickens, lambs, ducks, etc.) are taken care of every day in a loving, caring way.  It means that when the time comes for them to take the trip to the butcher, they have lived a healthy, happy life with plenty of clean water, sunshine, daily pasture time, and good food!  They have a wonderful life and only "one bad day".  For consumers who only know that beef comes wrapped in plastic and foam from the grocery store, it is an eye-opening and kind way to eat well.

The farm was moving along fine for years, growing in customers who will pay a little more for healthier and well-raised meat.  Not only protein, but the farm raised vegetables of every sort to sell to those of us who looked forward to each season's offerings!  What about farm fresh eggs and locally collected honey?! Then there is the handmade and clean approach to soap-making and canned goods!  Jellies, jams, vegetables, tomato sauces, pickles, and many other goodies that would have people running to the farm as soon as their website said they were available.  Baked goods including quick breads, cupcakes, and apple kuchen disappeared into happy tummies as soon as they were out of the oven!  WHY WOULD WE WANT TO DISCOURAGE THIS TYPE OF COMMUNITY OFFERING? 

Small family farms are the wave of the future again and the township needs to keep up with the requirements for these farmers.  The disappointment is not with the township - we want to work with them on this.  The disappointment is with a neighbor who made a complaint for NO REASON.  Jealousy of their success?  It's a KAREN moment here, folks.  Would they buy more land if they could to comply?  Yes!  But there are a few Karen Neighbors who cannot stand it if they are not in charge.  This bullying behavior has to stop! 

Please review the links I am including and sign our petition to show that small farms are important to you and your family!  That you are thrilled to be able to have access to healthy food and willing to put your name down to help change a rule that should be changed!

From Jody Erickson: "Small farms are continually challenged by those who are more concerned about money than caring about the animals they raise. We are a vanishing breed, please help us survive."

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0 have signed. Let’s get to 150,000!
At 150,000 signatures, this petition becomes one of the top signed on!