West Sayville/Sayville Petition Against Fast Food Business Re-Zoning

West Sayville/Sayville Petition Against Fast Food Business Re-Zoning

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The Town of Islip is quickly moving an application for developer J. Nazzaro Partnership LP to REZONE the former Chase Bank site at the corner of Montauk Highway and Atlantic Avenue in West Sayville from a Zone 1 Business to a Zone 3 Business, specifically for a FAST FOOD with DRIVE THRU. The RUSH Planning Board hearing, with minimal notice to the community, is now scheduled for June 24th at 6:30 pm via ZOOM. Instructions on how to access the Zoom Webinar and/or Livestream will be available 30 minutes prior. Visit islipny.gov news/announcements for the June 24th Digital Town Board Meeting. This was originally "marketed" to be a coffee shop Business Zone 1 with variances special permissions. However, we are certain that rezoning to a Business 3 was the initial intent of the developers to increase the value of the land and marketability to big fast-food chains. If the West Sayville/Sayville community allows this Zone Change, it will set an unwanted precedent for our town and main street.


We believe that there is not a place for a commercial chain, fast food, drive-thru establishment (think Burger King, McDonald's or Taco Bell) on Main Street in West Sayville/Sayville. These establishments belong on Sunrise Highway in a true commercial area already zoned as such. We cite the following reasons to lobby against and sign the enclosed petition advising the Planning Board that the community of West Sayville and Sayville DOES NOT agree to a zone change, as West Sayville it is a Downtown Business District: 

1. The property should remain a Business Zone 1 

2. The nautical, quaint, and historic Main Street of West Sayville/Sayville is home to local businesses, mom and pop shops, and restaurants. It is no place for commercial fast-food drive-thru establishments. PERIOD. 

3. Road infrastructure on Montauk Highway, Atlantic Avenue, West Avenue, Tyler Ave, Cherry Avenue, and other streets don't have the proper width, safe passable sidewalks, crosswalks, crosswalk lights, turn lanes, on-street parking, drainage, and other limitations to handle additional traffic. 

4. This intersection marks Montauk Highway’s only pedestrian crossing with a light within one mile east and 3 miles west. The intersection of 90 Montauk Highway and Atlantic Avenue is already a high traffic corner for its residents, children walking to and from school, joggers, bicyclists, commercial vehicles that attend to the many businesses at the south end of Atlantic Avenue. Standing at the corner of 90 Montauk Highway and Atlantic Avenue, you'll find that cars and commercial vehicles regularly speed and take the corner so sharply they run over the curb. In addition to the bus stop, a large number of pedestrians, and many cyclists make this intersection already busy without the addition of a high volume fast food drive-thru. and is dangerous already with the addition of CVS Pharmacy a number of years ago. 

5. The sidewalks on Atlantic Avenue directly south of this property are not passable due to the insufficient width of the street and cars parked on the sidewalks. 

6. The neighborhood of Atlantic Avenue and West Avenue is already at the maximum for traffic capacity with 4 full-service marinas, a locally-owned waterfront eating establishment, House of Worship/Church, professional businesses, commercial wholesale fisheries, Long Island Maritime Museum, West Sayville Golf Course and Lessing’s Catering, the Michael J. Murphy Navy Seal Museum, West Sayville Docks and the access to the waterfront. 

7. IN ADDITION, this neighborhood already hosts many community events such as the Long Island Maritime Museum Seafood Festival, Halloween Boat Burning, and countless other community events. 

8. No site plan, traffic study, traffic patterns, sewage containment, grease trap, etc have been shared. 

9. The drive-thru egress is a dangerous situation between 2 traffic lights, pedestrian crosswalks, school crossing, firehouse, etc. 

10. The property is directly adjacent to Suffolk County Park wetlands. There are no sewers, grease traps to prevent endangering this protected area. 

Fast food restaurants are responsible for massive amounts of litter in surrounding neighborhoods. Residents find trash in their lawns every day, as well as on the street and in neighborhood parking lots.  See, for one example, this article: http://www.motherjones.com/blue-marble/2011/06/mcdonalds-starbucks-fast-food-litter Our beautiful south shore waterways and the environment will in no doubt be negatively impacted by a high volume fast food restaurant.

About the Business 1 District Zoning: https://ecode360.com/7705112

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