Preserve our historic town character

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April 2021

1)      Development at 108 Central street seeks approval of a special permit Section XI J. (2) of the Zoning Bylaw and a density bonus pursuant to Footnote 11 to the Density & Dimensional Table in Section VI (B) of the Bylaw.

The proposed development benefit to the town DOES NOT outweigh the adverse effects to the neighborhood or town.

We, the undersigned citizens, and registered voters of Ipswich, hereby oppose the development of a multi-unit condominium complex at 108 Central Street for the following reasons:

a)       Does NOT preserve historic character of town along byway to town center.

b)      Increased demand on town services like, water, sewer, police, school, and fire departments.

c)       Increased traffic in already congested area-additional vehicles, trash pick-up, deliveries.

d)      Increased safety concern as this is a heavy pedestrian way, especially students coming/going to school.

e)      Inconsistent with town character statement in the following areas: regard for views when developing along corridors, development should be proportionate in square footage with surrounding residences and be the same size as other houses, development is to protect and enhance visual and spatial privacy.

f)        Too imposing for site and lot which has significant wetland protections shrinking the buildable footprint.

g)       Unknown impact on Farley Brook to which this property abuts.

We petition the town of Ipswich through the Planning Board to deny this special permit for the above stated reasons.