Stop proposed limits on docking

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With dwindling dock slips within the Town of Hempstead we can't afford to lose anymore.  Marinas like Treasure Island are selling off due to increased taxes and now Mr. D'Esposito wants to make it difficult to dock at private residences.  He seeks to limit boat docks to one per single residence, at this point he says only on new construction but the writing's on the wall.   Mr. D'Esposito professes that this is in response to pollution and traffic issues.  If I can't dock my boat I will have to trailer it to enjoy the beautiful water in the Town and I am sure I won't be the only one. This will not lessen traffic and pollution but will add to it . The amount the TOH spends on it's roadways is already astronomical. Now we'll have people  trailering boats on the weekend increasing weekend traffic and wear and tear. The TOH is a very expensive place to live and there are older people who depend on a little extra income from renting a slip to pay their taxes. The town needs to realize they can't have it both ways. You can't keep raising our taxes and limiting the benefits to living here.