Stop Hot Asphalt Production in Hamburg, NY

Stop Hot Asphalt Production in Hamburg, NY

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The AL Asphalt company is a corporate entity owned by the daughter of current land owner Roseanna DiPizio. Roseanna DiPizio is, to our knowledge, the joint owner of Cheektowaga Concrete, LLC. Collectively, they are proposing a hot mix asphalt facility at 5690 Camp Road, Hamburg, NY 14075.

Due to the close proximity to many schools, residences, day care centers and other businesses, residents are justifiably concerned.

View the information obtained via a freedom of information act request in regards to the emissions proposed by AL Asphalt's own study on our website.

Remember: your willingness to share this with your neighbors, friends and family is the most powerful tool that we have as a community. When our arguments show that the facility proposed violates the Town of Hamburg zoning rules, the AL Asphalt company will have to apply for a variance, which can be issued at the discretion of the Town of Hamburg. Due to this, we need to show our public sentiment loud and clear. All signatures and comments on this proposal are being sent directly to the Town of Hamburg via email and all signatures and comments will be presented in person at the next Town of Hamburg public meeting in regards to the AL Asphalt facility.


The Town of Hamburg has had much recent success as a hub of economic development and commerce. Unfortunately, not all commerce is created equal. Commerce which reduces the quality of neighborhoods by emitting harmful chemicals and odors can have a massive detriment on the community. We do not stand against business development, but rather against undue impacts on other landowner’s and resident's rights.

The issue at hand is that the land owned by Cheektowaga Concrete, LLC is zoned M-3 at 5690 Camp Rd and adjacent sites, which is the heaviest industrial zoning district in the Town of Hamburg. This land is intended to be leased to AL Asphalt company, owned by the owner of Cheektowaga Concrete LLC’s daughter, to produce hot mix asphalt.

The current owner and their attorney believe that since the M-3 zoning exists, this should give them a free pathway to produce asphalt less than a mile from a village and less than a quarter of a mile from the downwind Hamburg Middle and High schools.

The Town of Hamburg code clearly disagrees, but nonetheless, AL Asphalt and the DiPizio family are taking the fight to the board.