Stop the SanTan Adventure Park:Preserve quality of life and home values in Gilbert Arizona

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Update 5/7/2021

We have had ZERO success in convincing the Developer to compromise or consider any changes.
We want a reasonable, respectful approach to building out Gilbert and we are not seeing this happen and our hand has been forced.
Tim La Sota with La Sota & Peters Law Group has been retained to represent the residents in exposing the unethical practices that have led to SanTan Adventure Park being approved.
The first step (at significant cost required by the Town Of Gilbert) was to file an appeal to the recent planning Commissions Design Review Approval. The appeal is scheduled to be presented to the Gilbert Town Council on June 15 2021.
Costs are mounting.
Please help us today with whatever you can afford to support our legal efforts in stopping this project and sending our planning commission and town council a message that this is not acceptable, not here or in any neighborhood in Gilbert.

We will continue to update you on our efforts and what we learn along the way. Thank you for your support

UPDATE on the April 7th 2021 meeting:
 A disappointing Decision.

The Design Commission Approved moving forward with Phase 1 of the design as presented by SAP Holdings:  (5 in favor 2 against) rather than deny or postpone the decision on the project.


Residents are pursuing options in their ongoing effort to preserve their quality of life. 
We will keep you updated on the process as we proceed, and how you can continue to help. We will be posting updated contact to email in the near future.

The Design commissioners acknowledged and showed great appreciation that the public is making such an effort to be involved in this process.
All residents who appeared in person, and online via WebEx to oppose presented with passion in an eloquent and respectful manner.
 Many points were made and acknowledged in regard to this project, they key issues were Noise and Parking.
Several commissioners made it very clear that the “hypothetical” nature of the noise modeling study provided by the acoustical engineering company hired by the developer was troublesome.
The commission also indicated that the parking would certainly be an issue during already normally busy times and would need to be addressed.

 The Commission offered that if and when the project is operational there would be remedy for residents in the form of a dedicated noise complaint line.
 They indicated (multiple) violations of town noise ordinances would result in violation of and termination of the lease and the town taking over the parcel and all capital improvements.

It was clarified this meeting was approval for the design as presented and the Go-kart track was part of the “acceptable” use approved in the lease agreement already approved by the city council in 2017.

Thank you for your continued support.

This petition has been created to OPPOSE the approval and subsequent development of the SanTan Adventure Park in Gilbert Arizona as proposed by SAP Holdings, LLC. 
The SanTan Adventure Park will be an outdoor entertainment center located at the southwest corner of Santan Village Parkway and Knox Road just east of the Crossroads Park through a lease agreement with the Town of Gilbert Arizona.

Please help STOP the proposed Santan Adventure Park from disrupting our peaceful neighborhoods, Quality of Life and devaluating our property in Gilbert Arizona.

(Phase 1) of the San Tan Adventure Park would consist of 22 gasoline-powered Go-karts an 18-hole musical miniature Golf and a 1000 sq. ft. Splash Pad to be built on the Southwest corner of Knox Road and SanTan Parkway / Greenfield Road (Adjacent to Cottonwood Crossing and Greenfield Lakes Cotton and Mayberry Island subdivisions).

Why residents should be concerned:
Decreased quality of life and devaluation of property for residents and homeowners in nearby neighborhoods due to:
- Loss of property value 
- Hours of operation 8AM-12Midnight (this has been confirmed by the Town Of Gilbert Planning Commission) 
- Noise pollution (22 gasoline powered go-karts, each with a constant decibel level of 74-79 dB (corrected) at a 100 foot distance.)
- Emissions pollution
- If approved Gilbert would be first in 111 cities to allow an outdoor, gas-powered go-kart track / amusement park located directly adjacent to residential neighborhoods (Research of Arizona and the 5 surrounding states)
- Increased and constant noise and light pollution
- Increased Traffic on adjacent roads and neighborhoods.
- Overflow of parked vehicles in neighborhoods due to lack of onsite parking
- Loitering and increased crime (affecting adjoining neighborhoods)
- Setting new precedent allowing commercial ventures adjacent to established neighborhoods (possible zoning violation / conflict)
- lack of disclosure on further phases that cannot be opposed once first approval is made
- Lack of transparency and disclosure by Town Of Gilbert Council, Town Of Gilbert Planning Commission, and developers
- Last public meeting was in 2017 wherein the plan presented was not the same as the current proposal
- Additional phases of amusement park are undetermined or not disclosed at this time (two to three additional phases will be constructed with a lease-approved 34 possible "uses". These "uses" have not been disclosed to the community)

HOURS OF OPERATION: (confirmed by developer)
8:00am to 11pm Sunday - Thursday
8:00am to 12:00pm Saturday - Sunday
to reiterate these hours means a MINIMUM 15 HOURS A DAY, 7 DAYS A WEEK, 360 + DAYS A YEAR 

Please sign this petition (feel free to add comments of opposition regarding approval and development of proposed SanTan Adventure Park)
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