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The Gardiner Town Supervisor sent out this email on Thursday to residents:
""There is maintenance needed at the dog park. The gate needs to be repaired and there are holes that need to be filled to keep the dogs that use the dog park safe.

Years ago when the dog park was established it was not to cost taxpayers any money. When maintenance is needed an email is sent out and folks take care of what is needed. However, last year a volunteer offered to help with the gate. They took the gate off to fix it, but the job was never completed, the gate still needs to be put back up.

If the maintenance is not performed the dog park will need to be closed.""

Editors of surrounding newspapers will be sent a letter describing how the dog park operated in the past (under the umbrella of the Parks & Recreation Commission) and how it should be put back in the Parks & Rec hands for care and maintenance. Here is a copy of the letter to the editors:
""Dog Park disowned by the Town of Gardiner

A recent email sent to residents of Gardiner by the Town Supervisor was both disturbing and puzzling. The email outlined some needed minor repairs and upkeep to the town Dog Park, and ended with a statement that if volunteers did not perform the needed maintenance, the dog park will need to be closed. The threat of closure is the disturbing part, but the idea that all upkeep and maintenance needs to be by volunteers, is the puzzling part.

When the dog park was created through the 100% efforts of volunteers in 2012, both with the physical effort and fundraising for materials, it was done under the supervision of the Parks and Recreation Commission. The dog park is on town owned land, and was absorbed there after into the town parks umbrella, the same as Majestic Park or the Rail Trail, with town funding going to care and maintenance.

It seems that recently, with the induction of the current town board, the board and supervisor have disowned any responsibility of the town to provide routine care and repair, such as fixing a gate, refreshing some entryway gravel, and mowing (the same as the surrounding ball field). Those who enjoy the dog park are puzzled by this shift in attitude, and hope that the Parks and Recreation Commission "restores some minor funding to maintain the park in the future.""

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