Save Local Fairhaven Trees

Save Local Fairhaven Trees

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Leanne Manning started this petition to Town Of Fairhaven

With this petition of appeal, the neighborhood of Christian & Jefferson Street area of Fairhaven, Massachusetts and surrounding streets hereby request you do not remove the tree standing in front of 33 Christian Street. 

This tree is over one hundred feet tall and is alive, vibrant, and loved by the community. Trees add characters and property value, both of which we appreciate as a neighborhood. With so many dead trees being petitioned by multiple residents in need, we are asking the Tree Warden to prioritize them over the ones advocated for by tax paying residents.

There is great concern among residents in Fairhaven about massive tree removal this past week in and around the Cushman Park area as a whole. We are calling on the town administration and local tree warden to work with our community members to replant more trees in the area of those lost to preserve the beauty of our town in this neighborhood, as well as amongst others.

Speaking for the residents of Fairhaven in my neighborhood, there was no neighborhood engagement until after the plan was set to destroy these trees. We were simply informed that the construction would happen the day prior with no parking signs and given no opportunity to offer meaningful input as to the scope, nature, or necessity of killing mature and healthy trees and the destroying of the unique character of our street.

We treasure our trees as valuable aesthetic and environmentally essential resources. It is our hope that further in-depth discussion of the complex issues involved with saving many more, if not most of these healthy trees and lay the groundwork for preserving all of the healthy trees by trimming them where needed and planting more where those were taken down, with all future tree projects.

Here are some quotes from neighborhood residents: 

“This new “Tree Warden” really doesn’t like trees eh? Within a 2 block stretch I had seen about 8-10 (10-40 ft.) trees completely chopped down that have clearly posed no threat to surrounding homes. I completely understand trimming branches for power lines but these trees have clearly been around for years doing just fine with little maintenance. Not to mention whoever’s chopping them down are absolute slobs and leave 6ft.x10in. wide tree trunks on people’s front yard.” - Jeff Swain

“Wish I could get him to answer my phone calls about a tree in front of 14 Hacker st tangled in wires and mostly dead” - Sue Bagge

“How do you get him to take care of a tree we have been trying for years.” - Heather Estrela

“We have a tree that is 80% dead and needs to be taken down - send him my way.” - Cheryl Fleurent

“I dont think I have EVER seen so many trees get cut down in a day. They were literally blocking entire blocks today in my area! Yet, I still manage to hit the tree that sits out in FRONT of the curb at town hall when trying to park.” - Brian Paul

“My cousin who wanted a tree taken down in the center they wouldn’t remove it!   The roots are going in her septic system and causing problems.. what are they going to do about that???? She’s been asking for almost 3 years!!!!” - Elaine Willey

“So, one thing I don't understand is he removes 8-10 trees in a two block stretch and plants trees in a totally different area that has no wires. By the time he is done with the Center, there will be no shade. You can plant trees in the same area, just have to be mindful of where wires are located. Trees should be able to be planted on these streets that are being obliterated. Also, there must be grants available for these trees that are being planted.” - Lynne Hathaway

“i agree it's awful!! they cut down one in front of my clients house.. blocked the driveway to the wheelchair ramp on an 80 degree day and my coworker had to go through the back and push her across the huge lawn which isn't easy to do and was very uncomfortable for the client. they should not be blocking peoples driveways and cutting down all these trees. no need�” - Kristen Manning

“Very Sad �... makes the area look so aweful . Just lazy . Easy to get rid of the trees then trim them . To me un less their diseased they should stay  . Shame on the tree warden .” - Gwen Faunce

Sourced by Hometown Fairhaven Facebook Page


Please join us in calling on the Town Of Fairhaven officials and the Tree Warden Don C. to honor our demand to halt this destructive and rushed tree demo, and to work with the neighborhood in a meaningful, participatory process toward a sustainable and humane outcome that we can all be proud of. Only taking down the truly dead trees, responding to those residents requesting dead and diseased trees be removed and preserving as best we can the live and healthy trees.

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