Elaine Haney Should Resign as Chairperson of the Town of Essex Selectboard

Elaine Haney Should Resign as Chairperson of the Town of Essex Selectboard

February 1, 2021
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Kenneth Signorello
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Why this petition matters

Started by Kenneth Signorello

To make a strong case, I am focused on collecting signatures within the Town of Essex Only.  Thanks to all others for your interest.

Elaine Haney has demonstrated poor leadership by accusing citizens in an official letter of putting out information that was “absolutely false” and “absolutely NOT correct” and “a serious misrepresentation of the merger plan”. This accusation was made in various media including the Town web site, Front Porch Forum, and Facebook.  

After being shown that her characterization was false, only a weak admission and apology were offered. No retractions have been made. The letter still remains on the Town website. 

This pattern of attempting to silence dissent rather than embrace it, attempt to understand it and finally respond positively is a pattern that must end.

Regular meeting attendees witnessed her attempt to derail the "3+3" charter change.

As well, Haney regularly dismisses Selectboard peers and the public who have new ideas or differing opinions than her own.

Leading our Selectboard requires collaborative leadership that Elaine Haney has failed to demonstrate. Here are links to this most recent demonstration of poor leadership:

Letter making the false accusation: https://www.essexvt.org/DocumentCenter/View/6161/Rebuttal-to-Jan-15-Town-Meeting-TV-program

Link to the apology: https://youtu.be/44TB0eS3kwg?t=6142

Call for resignation: https://youtu.be/fdEAjej7kxg?t=796

Join me in asking her to resign as Chairperson.

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Signatures: 120Next Goal: 200
Support now