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A Letter From The Shelter 

The Town of Erwin Officials and Mayor have withdrawn for funding of the Unicoi County Animal Shelter. The ultimate goal of the Unicoi County Animal Shelter was to become more self sufficient each year through fundraising and donations, and request less assistance with time.
The shelter operates as a community center. They provide a safe haven for stray and unwanted animals, as well as an adoption center where animals receive medical care (through donated funds) and are socialized and prepared for new adoptive homes or placed in foster care until they can be adopted. They have partnerships with rescue organizations across the country who aid in finding placement for harder to place animals that are sick or elderly. The overall euthanasia rates have lowered substantially in the last year, and most all animals are placed in homes or with rescue organizations. They provide food to low income families that are in need as donations are available. A Margaret Mitchell program is offered through a partnership between the Unicoi County Humane society and the UCAS offer low cost spay and neuter services to citizens in our county. I know personally because we adopted our puppy, Tucker from UCAS. Education and counseling sessions are offered to citizens or groups of youth that would like to learn more about caring for pets or about alternates to surrendering their animals. After- hours drop boxes are provided for overnight emergency surrenders. Since UCAS opened in February 2008, it has taken in 9,098 animals in need. This organization deserves the funding and support of the community as well as The Town of Erwin Officials and Mayor. Please sign this petition knowing you are making a difference in human lives and especially all of our fury friends lives. We have to continue the remarkable difference the Unicoi County Animal Shelter has made through their dedication, love for animals and the community that they reside in! Thank you! Woof & Meow!

Letter to
Erwin Mayor Mayor Doris D. Hensley
Alderman Sue Jean Wilson
Alderman Robbie Sullins Jr.
and 3 others
Unicoi County Mayor Mayor Greg Lynch
Tennessee State Senate
Tennessee Governor
Continue Funding for Unicoi County Animal Shelter

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