Stop unnecessary land development and save wildlife in East Haven CT before it's too late!

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The former Camp Murray girl scout camp in East Haven, CT is being considered for development. The new owner of the land plans to develop 50+ housing and/or apartments on the land that the town does NOT need! He only wants money- he doesn't care about the countless wildlife species that live on this land! There is a nearby bird conservatory with many species of protected birds; many of the birds live in the forest here and are being put in danger by these plans. There are back walnut trees hundreds of years old growing in the forest, along with other extremely old trees. There are fragile wetland ecosystems. There are memorials for young girls who have died while enrolled in the girl scouts program. I have many memories in these woods with family and friends growing up and it is heartbreaking to see a forest I love so dearly - one that has taken thousands of years to grow and develop so beautifully - destroyed by someone who just wants to make money. Sign this to stop the people who want to destroy our local ecosystems for money! Helping the environment starts small -- help make a difference!! Thank you!