Representative James Albis of East Haven vote no on Judge Emons now!

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As many have heard or seen there is a billboard on highway 91 that asks State if Connecticut government to stop Judge Emons from family court New Haven (now moved to Milford) to not re-confirm this judge to a bench. She does not abide by the rules of her oath. She has no respect for families and children of Connecticut. 

Too many families have suffered due to her erroneous judgment calls. Her preferential judgment; the racket run by court and staff against families running a rigged game to give justice to the parent who can pay the most. Sometimes making parents go broke or even homeless to just be able to see their children.

She terrorizes and even uses her bench to intimidate in divorce and custody cases to attain an outcome favorable against the party she is helping. 

Lawyers sell out clients to this sick game against the good people of Connecticut. We must ask representative Albis from East Haven to change his hard yes to a no!

We need to remind him he took office because he was elected by the people and his oath was to protect those who elected him collectively with those who reside in the state. 

Our public service officials need to understand they work for us!

Not one more politician in our great state be a part of the swamp!

We want politicians with a heart, with honor to the constituency they service.

Let Albis know he hears the people and does what we asked which is to take a stand send a clear message NO MORE CORRUPTION! END THE SUFFERING OF CT KIDS IN FAMILY COURT! ENOUGH is ENOUGH! 





We are inviting people to come out to the capital in Hartford next week Friday March 22 9 to 5; send e-mails please! 

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