Petition against the Land Use & Zoning Changes of Parcel Known as “The Reserve at Rexmere"

Petition against the Land Use & Zoning Changes of Parcel Known as “The Reserve at Rexmere"

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Concerned Citizens of Davie started this petition to Town of Davie Planning and Zoning Commission and

We the undersigned residents, living near the proposed parcel change location, oppose the proposal to change the land use and zoning of the parcel planned to be known as “The Reserve at Rexmere.” This proposal requests a change to this land from Residential 1 DU/Acre to Residential 5 DU/Acre and Agricultural (A-1) District to Mobile Home Residential (MH-5) District for the 19.8 acre site located on the west side of Hiatus Road, south of Rexmere Village (Folio #50-40-13-01-0150). We respectfully request that you consider our position against this proposal.

Our community has identified the following concerns with this proposal:

·       This land was zoned as Agricultural and Low Density in order to maintain the integrity of the community.  Davie is known as “Cowboy Town.”  Davie’s Mission, as called out in the Strategic Plan (Strategic Plan is available here) is:

“The Town of Davie strives to the preeminent community in South Florida to live, work, learn and play while treasuring our preserved natural setting.”

Allowing high density growth through a change in land use and up-zoning is an affront to “treasuring our preserved natural setting,” These lands were designated to be agricultural.  The change in land use and zoning will also impact community noise levels and displace wildlife, while creating an environment that is not conducive to livestock.  The proposed wall that will be built will be unsightly, not fitting with the character of the community.

·       The neighborhood where this parcel sits is unique. It has large livestock, exotic animals, and horse boarding and grazing facilities. Noise levels, such as fireworks and loud music, can cause great stress and harm to these animals.

·       Broward County Schools annually reports on school capacity and current number of students enrolled at School Enrollment and Capacity. While Foxtrail Elementary is currently near permanent capacity this year (97.4%), both Indian Ridge and Western are above permanent capacity.  These capacity challenges are expected to grow through 2024-2025 (the last year of data available). The current capacity overage doesn’t even include the already existing approved residential properties that have yet to be built.

·       Home values and investment decisions were and are driven by the existing density.  Property values will be negatively impacted if this change is made.  Zoning protects and promotes property values because growth will be limited to what the zoning allows.     Communities that up-zone tend to do so because most lots are already as much built up as they can be under the existing zoning and people have expressed a desire to build more. Currently, there are several buildable lots off of Hiatus road for residential housing.

In this case, Rexmere Village wants to up-zone this area, not due to pent up demand, but due to a desire to have a contiguous parcel of land with their already established community.  Other parcels of land near and around Davie, with the appropriate zoning already in place could be built out for a mobile home community.  The selection of this location is convenience to current property, not a public need.  

·       Traffic congestion on Haitus Road, already growing beyond the current capacity, overloading the roadways and resulting in additional accidents.

As per the 2006 study - Roads Master Plan, growth rate on this road was estimated to be 2.48% annually. This however, did not consider the implications of rezoning.  Note that sections of this road that would be impacted by these changes were already designated as D and F in 2008. 

·       A large portion of the Town of Davie is located within an environmentally sensitive region known as the C-11 West basin.  Much of the areas surrounding the proposed land use change and up-zoning lies within the 100-year flood zone.  State regulations have been put into place to protect natural areas and reduce the risks associated with flooding, including helping handle storm water runoff, minimize water pollution, and maintain water quality.

As more building replaces land, the delicate balance will be negatively impacted.  This will result in more flooding, deprecated water quality, and pollution.

o   When landmass is reduced, and impervious surfaces replace it, the probability of flooding increases – there is no place for the runoff to go.

o   When the natural vegetation that filters out water impurities and uses excess nutrients is removed, water quality is impacted and pollutants cannot be filtered. 

o   When water run-off is not appropriately contained, there is a risk of potential well-water contamination. (Non-HOA developments near this location rely on well water to drink.  As such, these residents are very careful about to minimize contamination.  Those in city water systems are more likely to use fertilizers and are less concerned about getting pollutants in the aquafer.)

For these reasons, we believe that the Town of Davie must reject the land use and zoning proposal change.


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