Terminate PCFMA (Pacific Coast Farmers Market Assoc) from running Danville Farmer's Market

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We as residents and small business owners in the Town of Danville are looking for support. We have been denied from our local Town of Danville Farmer's Market. We have been residents here for 12 years with three kids who all attend schools in Danville. We give back to Danville non profit organizations and Danville schools. Our staff is made up of  Danville high school residents.

We purchased a business that orgins are from Farmers markets in Hawaii, Scottsdale, San Jose, San Diego ..the list goes on. We use local produce from the Farmer's Market in our product. Our product is in high demand and all ages enjoy our handcrafted Hawaiian Lemonade. 

After a year of sending in applications to PCFMA the company that runs the Danville Farmer's Market we were told that we couldn't be apart of our local market place since our business was a franchise. Yet we are at the Alamo and San Ramon Market with no issue. The county waived our health permit fees since it is a Veteran owned business.

The Town of Danville has a contract with PCFMA that ends May 2018. We are looking for support from Danville residents in hiring a new association to run the local market. An association that appreciates locally owed business that employs Danville residents. When PCFMA denied us they referred to Danville as a City. We are a town and want to grow our business in Danville. We want to continue to give back in Danville and employ Danville residents.