More speed bumps on CBS streets

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We have recently been trying to get a couple of signs erected in Seal Cove, CBS to indicate to on coming traffic that there is a hearing impaired child in the area and to slow down. So far, it has been a fruitless effort on our part. It was refused because it apparently encourages kids to play in the street. Tonight we witnessed a street race right in front of our home. These punks were racing side by side at speeds in excess of 100 km/hr up Seal Cove Road, a residential street in Conception Bay South. They are quite well known in the area for this type of reckless behaviour from what I can see through various contacts on social media.Speed bumps/humps almost always stop speeders! We need them on our streets to save our children from being run down by these brainless idiots! A physical control is the only sure way to deter speeding in residential areas. Please sign this petition and help us make this happen! Maybe we can all sleep a little better at night. Thanks in advance!