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Town of Conception Bay South: Expropriation of a ransom strip on LeeWood Place, Conception Bay South

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For 20 years, the Town of Conception Bay South has allowed our family to be held ransom to our own valuable property and the last 6 years ransom to basic town services such as water and sewer. They have allowed this by giving the developer of Leewood Place the power to retain a long narrow strip of land 3-4 feet wide known as a ransom strip, which extends the entire length of the subdivision. As a combined result of this action and putrid well water, our family obtains water in the form of carrying buckets from another neighbor's outdoor tap for drinking, cleaning and cooking.


Six years ago, the Town of Conception Bay South, in its efforts in securing municipal services on Leewood Place, established an easement across the developers ransom strip and installed the supporting infrastructure on our property. Then, contrary to having said otherwise, announced to my parents, that they couldn't acquire these same services due to the town having to cross over a different area of our neighbors ransom strip, and unfortunately, the developer is unwilling to negotiate. When the possibility of expropriation was addressed, Woodrow French said on record that expropriation for this purpose was not possible as it only extended to an individual and would not be in the best interest of the town as a whole.


During the initial development, the town negligently allowed this developer the right to retain this strip of land, while doing so also allowed the developer to trespass over a portion of our property without our knowledge or permission. The town has also given the developer the consent to construct Leewood Place without having met the criteria set forth in the subdivision agreement. In fact Leewood Place as it sits today differs completely from it's original proposed route.


The Town of Conception Bay South and it's obvious negligence has prevented our family from gaining access to several building lots and accessing basic services such as water and sewer. I ask you to please support our cause in having this 'ransom strip' and every other 'ransom strip' in the town investigated and dissolved so that our family, and others are not held ransom to their own assets and basic municipal services. I also encourage others who are victims of landlocked assets to come forward, write your municipal government and have your voices heard.

Poor judgement and decision making by our town's elected representatives affects everyone. This is just one example how their actions have impacted one family. It's time for the Town of Conception Bay South to take responsibility and be held accountable for their actions. Please share with everyone you can!
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Jerry Sparkes

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