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It is about 500m from Maple Lane preschool, 350m from Pretty River Estates subdivision, <1000m from St Mary's school (and Mountaincroft subdivision), <1300m from Cameron school and <1500m from both Collingwood Highschools.

This is extremely concerning because there is a wealth of international research that shows up to 200% increase cancer risk when dwelling within 500m of a tower and other risk factors within the 1500m range.

This is because Clearview wants to improve its telecom and dropped calls... so why must this be so close to Collingwood border? Because honestly hardly any "clearview residents" live near it and they have lots of country land between Nottawa and Stayner where this can go instead (IMO)

- To be clear this is a large, 4g Rogers tower. For the residents of Pretty River Estates residents aside from the health effects, this will likely affect property values as it is completely visible from that subdivision. 

Proposed installation in 2020.