Coyote Concerns in Collingwood, Ontario, Canada

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Please take action to remove the threat and nuisance of coyotes in Collingwood.

 Act under the laws of Ontario and the by-laws of Collingwood to remove coyotes from Collingwood.

Respect the rights of residents who are concerned about coyotes in Collingwood.

Respect the facts that;

  • Coyotes are wild animals, unpredictable and are roaming at large in Collingwood. Coyotes have attacked and killed people and dogs.
  • The Town of Collingwood awareness signs state "Coyotes may be present. Do not feed coyotes. Keep pets on leash. If a coyote approaches: appear large and aggressive. Make loud sounds. Back away slowly. Do not run. For more information visit". Any reasonable person would realize there is a threat/risk/danger/nuisance from coyotes being present in Collingwood.  
  • Smaller dogs are considered prey of coyotes. People walking small dogs in Collingwood are at a higher risk of attack by coyotes.
  • Small children can not stand tall. Small children can be considered prey of coyotes.
  • The information you are basing your policies on is from the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry and Coyote Watch Canada who have the mandate to protect wildlife. You are ignoring available information outside of government organizations which demonstrate an unacceptable level of risk from the presence of coyotes.
  • Predators of coyotes are wolves and bears. The continued and increasing population of coyotes could attract wolves and bears to also roam at large in Collingwood.
  • The Town of Collingwood has by-laws in place to deal with animals "posing a threat or nuisance to inhabitants". 
  • The Animal Control By-law should be updated to address the protection of dogs from coyotes.
  • OPP of Collingwood under contract with the Town of Collingwood  have not been responding to coyote threats.