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Fluoride Free Chapel Hill Carrboro

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On February 2, 2017, there was a fluoride over-feed caused by negligence on the part of those who were managing the chemical compounds being added to our water at the OWASA treatment plant. This brought to light a problem that some have been advocating against since 2012, asking OWASA to look at the science regarding adding fluoride to our water in the first place. The incident could have been much worse, as they have stated that none of the contaminated water ended up in anyone's water supply. However, the fact is that hydrofluorosilicic acid (a known toxic chemical that is a by-product of the phosphate fertilizer industry and is NOT pharmaceutical grade) is being added to our drinking water as a medication intended to prevent tooth decay. Orange County does not have a license to practice medicine, nor is it legal to impose medication on people without their consent. Additionally, there has never been a single, randomized controlled trial to demonstrate the effectiveness or SAFETY of water fluoridation. The only studies have been on fluoride applied TOPICALLY to the teeth, not used systemically. Many health concerns have been cited including, but not limited to: thyroid, neurological, lowering of IQ, fluorosis, arthritic symptoms. Please see more at:

We have repeatedly presented concerns and objections to OWASA, only to have been dismissed. In 2013, OWASA refused to hear the science and engage in a discussion with the author of "The Case Against Fluoride," Dr. Paul Connett, who travels around the world speaking on this topic. They instead held a meeting that was billed as a fair debate on the subject, with two "experts" who were to be on each side of the issue. They would not allow for any public comment or questions. It was a sham of a debate as the person who was supposedly against fluoridation didn't cite any scientific or medical reports or studies, but just shrugged his shoulders and agreed that it's a good idea to keep fluoridation alive in Chapel Hill and Carrboro. With that, they dismissed those concerned and said they would no longer hear anything on the subject. We were not welcome to future meetings. Once the fluoride overfeed occurred, they opened the floor to public comments and in addition to those of us who participated in the efforts in 2012-13, there were others from the town who also voiced their opposition to the practice, including two former employees/board members of OWASA. The following meeting on March 9 was staged with four people going to the podium in support of the practice of water fluoridation - ALL FROM THE UNC DENTAL SCHOOL. Those from the community who spoke were all in opposition. The board did not ask questions or otherwise respond to a single concern from the citizens of the town and said they would resume the practice of water fluoridation (they had ceased since the incident on Feb 2nd) and would not discuss the matter of fluoridation any further. This is not acceptable. The people of Chapel Hill and Carrboro have a right to know what is going into their water, be able to voice their opinions and be heard. They also ought to have public officials/servants who are willing to read the scientific evidence - not just listen to the propaganda in the form of endorsements that have been used for decades to support this outdated practice.



August 15, 2017

OWASA has taken an unprecedented recess all summer. An audit of the recent history shows that over the past five years they have not cancelled all summer meetings that the public is welcome to petition and comment at. The next meeting was set for Aug 24, where we had organized a campaign to get as many voices there as possible, to petition the OWASA board of directors to not resume putting fluoride in our water. It appears they were aware of this and are continuing to silence public opposition to their decision to continue this practice, ignoring the voices of many in our community, as well as the science showing this is harmful. We are moving forward and will hold a peaceful protest/sit-in at the date, time and location of the meeting, though the OWASA board will not be present to hear our voices. We hope this serves to demonstrate that we have a real determination and plenty of momentum to keep this growing movement strong. We hope all who signed this petition over the past few months will join us at the front of the Chapel Hill Town Hall Building on MLK on August 24 at 7pm.

Thank you for your support.

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