Resist the proposal to rezone property on Twyla & Morrisville pkwy for commercial purposes

Resist the proposal to rezone property on Twyla & Morrisville pkwy for commercial purposes

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Olu Oguns started this petition to Town of Cary Council Members

Dear Council Members,

Please resist the proposal to rezone 36.84 acres of property on Twyla road and Morrisville Parkway from Residential 40 (R-40) to Planned Development District –Major (PDD-Major). The proposed PDD includes a mix of multi-family, commercial/retail uses, hotel use, and associated amenities. A developer recently applied to the Town of Cary to re-zone the parcels of land by Twyla in order to build close to 400 unit of apartment complexes, office spaces and hotel. Below is the Case # and the link:

Case: 18-REZ-30 Twyla Road North PDD

We believe the proposal does not comply with the Town of Cary requirements for rezoning. Below are the considerations and criteria set forth for rezoning by the Town of Cary and our supporting justification for why the rezoning should not be approved:

 Town of Cary: The proposed rezoning corrects an error or meets the challenge of some changing condition, trend, or fact;

 It neither correct errors nor addressees any challenges.  Proposed rezoning goes against "Live Policy 1" mentioned in "The Cary 2040 Community Plan" because Bringing in 10K of commercial space & over 400 Unit beds will impact residential character of current neighborhood

Town of Cary: The proposed rezoning is consistent with the Comprehensive Plan and the purposes set forth in Section 1.3 of this Ordinance;

Does not meet following criteria set forth in 1.3:

1.3.1 : As mentioned above, bringing in commercial & hospitality businesses in residential neighborhood will destroy the character & quality of the residential neighborhood
1.3.3: Building over 400 multi-unit family housing + Commercial place + Hotel will increase congestion exponentially on current/existing streets
1.3.5: Building over 400 multi-unit family housing will increase overcrowding and concentration of population 
1.3.7: Service demand from over 400 new multi-unit family housing will further stress already stressed & capped base elementary & middle schools. Moreover, increasing vehicular traffic by ~1000 cars (1 car /single family unit + 1 car/ hotel bed + ~400 cars for commercial/retail space) will likely exceed capabilities of existing streets like Highcroft Dr. & Stockwell Lane.
1.3.10: Will adversely impact value & land of existing residential neighborhoods
1.3.11: Existing green space will be lost due to commercialization hence forgoing natural resources & environment quality

Town of Cary:  The Town and other service providers will be able to provide sufficient public safety, educational, recreational, transportation, and utility facilities and services to the subject property, while maintaining sufficient levels of service to existing development;

Both Elementary & Middle base schools in the area are already capped.  Bringing in 400 multi-unit family housing will put stress on already stressed school system hence adversely impacting existing residents of the area.  Bringing in hotels & other commercial establishment very close to residential neighborhood will increase presence of illicit individuals especially given it's very close to easily accessible major Hwy 540 hence public safety will be compromised.

Town of Cary: The proposed rezoning is unlikely to have significant adverse impacts on the natural environment, including air, water, noise, stormwater management, wildlife, and vegetation; 

Due to new development of ~ 400 new units, hotels & other commercial facilities, existing green space will be lost. Additionally, the increase in noise pollution will adversely impact the existing ecosystem.

Town of Cary: The proposed rezoning will not have significant adverse impacts on other property in the vicinity of the subject tract; 

The proposed rezoning will definitely have significant adverse impact on existing properties in the neighborhood.  Residents in the current communities decided to pay premium price to call this area home due to its family friendliness, safety, quietness, congestion free and access to green space.  Commercializing the residential area will impact all the factors that attracted existing residents to call this neighborhood home and over time degrade the look and feel of the community.

Town of Cary: The proposed zoning classification is suitable for the subject property

Given all the issues mentioned above, the proposed zoning classification is not suitable for the subject property.

Additional arguments to deter the zone change are as follows:

As part of the Historic Carpenter growth initiative (Special Planning Area), the area between Good Hope Church Road & Morrisville Parkway along Hwy 55 is already zoned for Office & Light Industrial and Mixed Non-residential corridor. Given this location is less than 1 mile away, also re-zoning nearby Twyla road to mix use will further exacerbate some of the concerns listed above. 

Furthermore, as part of the Green Level (special planning area) growth initiative, only certain areas (north east side) is zoned for non multi-family development. The current re-zoning plan will allow non multi-family development directly across from preserved areas. Additionally, a mix-use destination is already being planned at the intersection of Hwy 540 & Green Level West road. Having another PDD zone less than 2 miles (or 1 exit away) will increase congestion, noise pollution & put stress on already limited local resources like schools.

In summary, we need your support for us to voice our collective disapproval of the re-zoning plan. As discussed above, the re-zoning will add pressure to already congested schools, introduce added traffic and possibly the increase level of criminal activities in the area. Lastly,  it will destroy the look and feel of the community we all call home. Overall, our collective pressure on the Town of Cary officials will hopefully go a long way to ensure they do not make a decision that will adversely impact our community.


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