Allow us to continue towing with our trucks

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In 2013 Town of Caledon drafted a bylaw to have tow trucks to operate with a "Wrecker Body" only. The bylaw department reviewed this and decided to continue to license "Under Bumper" tow trucks. These trucks are useful in many ways a regular tow truck isn't. Example, these trucks can carry more tools, more equipment, quick and easy loading, easier to operate in tight locations (without blocking the highways) as well as many other features. 

Now the bylaw department has deicded to remove the "Under Bumper" trucks off the service list. We were not given notice and only learned through the talk of the industry. This was confirmed by many operators and companies on April 5th 2018 by telephone with the bylaw department. 

Many companies have spent the money to buy and have a tow truck built in the last 12 months which costs close to $100,000 per truck. Now some companies are running up to 50 trucks all within a couple years old. This is a heavy cost that the companies will have to absorb. 

The reality is, it takes 8-12 months for a truck to be built and competed to be in service. This could also extend with the demand going up with the change of the rules which could take up to 2 years to have a new truck. In reality, who can be unemployed for up to 2 years? 

We are asking for the Town of Caledon to review the process and allow companies with the trucks currently to re-license with a grace period to replace our trucks. Please allow us up to 3 years to re-plate and have these trucks replaced. We are not asking for additional trucks, just to extend the ones currently in service until they are replaced. 

Please help us and sign our petition to keep us employed and in business. 

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