Petition to Require NETA to Remove Drop-off Zone from Route 9

Petition to Require NETA to Remove Drop-off Zone from Route 9

September 10, 2019
Petition to
Town of Brookline MA DPW and 9 others
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Why this petition matters

Started by ACT Brookline

We, the undersigned residents of the town of Brookline, Massachusetts, request the Select Board to require New England Treatment Access, LLC (currently owned by Surterra Holdings, Inc.), operating an adult use and medical marijuana establishment at 160 Washington Street, Brookline, Massachusetts, to move the drop off zone for their establishment to their parking lot because its current location creates a safety hazard.

The current drop-off zone is on Route 9 at a busy intersection which a Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) employee described as "a nightmare." Prior to NETA's opening in 2015, the Transportation Demand Management Plan measured 1200 westbound vehicles per hour passing the drop off zone location. Obviously, the current traffic volume is even higher. Now near this intersection we have a continual stream of vehicles dropping off and picking up passengers. Sometimes the vehicles do not make it to the curb of the drop off zone. Some vehicles stop in the crosswalk (see attached photo) making it impossible for pedestrians to cross. Sometimes, NETA patrons step out of the rear of the vehicle directly into traffic. Children walk along this route to and from Brookline High School, Pierce School, Lincoln School, and several day care centers. There are also many elderly and handicapped residents who use this intersection and travel along the sidewalk next to the drop off zone as well as all the NETA patrons walking in this area.

The Host Community agreement (HCA), which governs the relationship between the town of Brookline and NETA, stipulates in section 4. (I): "The company shall maintain a designated patient/handicap drop off space/zone within the Establishment's parking lot."

We repeat our contention that the current drop off location is unsafe and we ask that the drop off location be moved to the NETA parking lot as originally proposed.

We politely request that you respond to this petition within 45 days of its presentation.

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Signatures: 177Next Goal: 200
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Decision Makers

  • Town of Brookline MA DPW
  • Town of Brookline MA Transportation Board
  • Town of Brookline MA Select Board
  • New England Treatment Access Inc
  • Surterra Holdings Inc