Get Town of BWG to listen to Home Based Businesses prior to any regulation changes

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The purposed bylaw regulations and "safeguards" are not realistic for 90% of people in our community who operate home based businesses. We live in a commuter town, where on weekdays most people don't even get home until 7 PM - by stating that business must be concluded by this time home-based businesses lose a lot of their client-base. By saying that you can't have clients come occasionally pick up their goods you're increasing a businesses costs by having to supply delivery. By stating that no business can conduct a lesson or class to anymore than 5 people at a time hurts a business that oftentimes relies on word-of-mouth, or bring-a-friend to make these lessons worthwhile. These regulations, and more, do not sit well with the home based businesses of Bradford, and we urge the council to do in-depth discussions with actual home-based businesses, and conduct proper studies as they relate to noise and traffic in residential neighborhoods before any regulations are considered.