Save the Henderson Drive Forest

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A proposal has been made to tear up 34,000 sq ft of protected old growth forest in order to build 2 huge estate homes.

This forest is one of the few untouched green spaces left in Aurora and encompasses seven acres of dense forest just north of Henderson Drive, it’s not a stretch to believe wildlife would find safe haven among the trees, bush and stream that runs through it.

This magnificent dense forest houses brown myotis and little brown myotis bats, red-headed woodpeckers and snapping turtles, all listed as “at risk” or of “special concern” under the Ontario Endangered Species Act and federal Species at Risk Act.

The properties also contain 71 varieties of trees, plants and vegetation including the rare black walnut and long fruited anemone as well as a stream feeding into Salamander Pond located in the Case Woodlot on the south side of Henderson Drive.

The two lots are owned privately and zones Rural Residential. However, it is also falls within the ORM settlement lands and is designated an Endangered Threatened species area. More importantly, there are 4 Town of Aurora By-laws (concerning Key Heritage Feauturea, vegetation protection, significant woodland and landform conservation) that cover the properties and prohibit any development. The developer is asking the city to set aside these By-laws to allow them to clear 34,000 squ. ft. so that they can build two monster homes.

We're just asking the city to maintain the current by-laws as they stand and not grant the variances.

This is not an acceptable way to treat natural habitat for the development of two homes. The impact from these two properties will be large and will affect all the residents in the area who value the beauty of this magnificent area,  the kids who learn about nature and all the animals that call it home. Please voice your opinions and help SAVE the Henderson Dr. Forest!