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No Peakway Expansion Bridge

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In 2016, the Town of Apex proposed 3 potential plans to connect the existing Apex Peakway. The plan that has been adopted is Plan #1 that includes a massive 28-foot bridge that towers over Historic Salem Street.

As residents of Apex, we are against the bridge proposal for the following reasons:

1) This bridge does not fit with the aesthetic of our town and will be a massive eyesore. It will be the first thing that people see as they enter the of Apex from the west (I-540 and Salem Street) and will be the first impression of our town. A town that was nominated as Money Magazine's "2015 Best Place to Live in America" for its quaint and country nature.

2) There will be a negative impact to the property values adjacent to the bridge. Preliminary estimates from multiple local realtors indicate a 15-20% reduction in property value for these homes and approximately 10% reduction for all homes in surrounding neighborhoods.

3) It will increase noise pollution in the surrounding area.

4) It will disrupt the views of several key neighborhoods: Whitehall Manor, Salem Village, Scott's Mill, Magnolia, Sugarland Run, Cameron Park, and Shangri-La.

5) Traffic during construction will be detoured through the surrounding neighborhoods. Long term traffic patterns will also affect neighbors living in voting district 20-06A. This project is intended to lighten traffic on Hwy 55 but in reality it will increase neighborhood traffic, which will increase the potential for child related accidents. Just think how the Peakway has negatively impacted both Cameron Park and Amherst neighborhoods.

6) It will degrade the quality of life for Apex residents during the year long construction phase and after.

We urge the town council to prevent the devastating impact that this bridge will have on the town and we actively oppose the use of a bridge in the Apex Peakway Southwest Connector project.

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