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Town of Amherst, NY Change Amherst Ordinances To Allow For Domesticated Mini Potbelly Pigs

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Mini potbellied pigs have become quite the popular pet over the last 20 years.  Unfortunately, the town of Amherst zoning ordinance hasn't recognized mini potbellied pigs as domesticated pets. One of the first things that needs addressed is the definition of a mini potbellied pig in contrast to that of a swine/hog. The use of word swine or pigs typically refers to meat animals when referring to livestock. Potbellied pigs are not meat animals. They provide nothing but companionship.  Livestock indicates there is an underlaying use from the animal. Cows, milk, production pigs, meat and etc. The US Dept. of Agriculture does not regulate mini potbellied pigs as a source of meat. We have had Baby since she was 3 weeks old and now she is 3 1/2 years old. She has been a part of our family for nearly four years, and is considered an emotional support animal for our daughter, Ashlyn, as well as being a domestically, loving pet in our household. We would like your support in updating Amherst zoning ordinances to recognize mini potbellied pigs as domestic pets. You are also welcome to follow us via Facebook and boost our page by liking it, by going on "Amherst Baby Supporters". This Facebook page has all kinds of information you may need on mini potbellied pigs and how they should never be perceived as livestock. Baby is a family member and should be treated as one, and in doing so we need all the support we can get so please sign the petition in order to receive a permanent permit for Baby.

Forever grateful,

Jayme, Mindy, Ashlyn, Hannah, & Baby Williams-Brightman

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