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We Need FAIRNESS from the Town Council of Portugal Cove - St. Philip's

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We the undersigned want to make the following statements very clear to the present Town Council and Officials of Portugal Cove – St. Philip’s:
It is completely unacceptable for this Town Council to spend close to a million dollars to purchase the Maggie’s Place property and millions more to develop and then try and figure out what the additional costs and land use would be after the fact.
Not ONE CENT of our tax money should have been spent on this land purchase until it was fully known what this land was to be used for and what the costs and benefits were going to be for the residents of this community.

  • We DO NOT support this Town Council placing a depot next to residential areas, nor the associated down grading of property value, nor the risks to the regional water supply that exists in the area.
  • We DO NOT support this Town Council refusing to do the right thing and treat all residents and private landowners equally and fairly.
  • We DO NOT support this Town Council taking and redirecting previously approved municipal, provincial and federal funding away from other residents in the community to prop up their own land speculation deal. It is unfair to have our fellow residents wait years and years for services and at the last minute change the rules and strip away the funding because this Town Council wants to prioritize their own land speculation project above all others.
  • We DO NOT support this Town Council not utilizing water and sewer services previously purchased and paid for by the tax payers of this Town, Province and Country.
  • We DO NOT support this Town Council purchasing a piece of property and using its authority to rezone and develop its property AHEAD of ALL other landowners in the Town including the private landowners of Maggies Place.

We the undersigned agree that (A) the rushed, narrow approach to this project should stop, (B) the project should be put to the voters in this community during the next general election and the voters should be given an opportunity to decide if they support this project and who they vote for and (C) the enormous risks in terms of cost, the environment, and the regional water supply are completely unacceptable.

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