Leave the Anchor in Georgian Bay

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I am creating this petition to provide public awareness and enlist some help for a cause dear to me.
I am a local scuba diver in Parry Sound, currently doing my instructors course so I can teach this summer. I am one of the divers that runs the local dive club and I run the underwater cleanups in the area.
Last Friday an article was in the Parry Sound North Star about the removal of an anchor to be put on display in a park somewhere in town. I plan on working to put a stop to this. I've been in contact with the gentleman who located this anchor and, after expressing my objections to him, he has no objection to leaving it in place and using it as a dive site providing I can get the town to agree and stop the attempt to remove it.
My objections are:
1. The preservation of this anchor will be a long and tedious task that often times does not happen properly and then will destroy the anchor
2. The historical significance will be lost if it's placed on a grassy lawn as opposed to being left in the water
3. It can be a linking dive to the shipwrecks itself
4. The town currently has 4 anchors that serve no purpose other than as a jungle gym for kids, why do they need a 5th?
5. The diving industry is increasing in town due to the dive club and promotion of diving. This attracts tourists to the area and provides enjoyment for those who partake in the sport
6. Although the public is just hearing about this, it has been in the works for 3 years without any public input or consultation with local divers and the Divers Nook
I have petitions set up around town to collect signatures before I make my deputation to town council next Tuesday May 21st. Feel free to pm me for more info. Thank you for your time.