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NO Spectra Gas Pipeline Through Sharon

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To the Board of Selectmen, Sharon:

As Sharon residents, we are deeply concerned about the Spectra Energy Access Northeast gas pipeline project being proposed for Sharon. Spectra’s Access Northeast's Q-1 loop project is planned to span over 21 miles through Sharon and nearby towns (Milford, Bellingham, Medway, Millis, Franklin, Norfolk, Walpole, Canton and Stoughton).

I understand that you may have either given approval, or you have allowed town staff to give approval, or at least given the impression to Spectra that you plan to give approval, to go ahead with their project. It is my understanding that you do not have to approve any single application until it has been determined that the pipeline is in the public interest. Since recent cases have called into question the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission's process for determining what is in the public interest, I ask that you stop the process until we determine what options we have as a town and what they will cost.

Town governments have the power, and the duty, to act in the public interest. I ask you as town government in Sharon to stop cooperating with Spectra until we have determined what is in the public interest of Sharon residents.

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