Pour sauver le coq Arthur et sa basse cour !!!

0 a signé. Prochain objectif : 5 000 !

At the bastide du salat in Ariège, Mr Michel VIENNE is summoned before a mediator of the Court of Appeal of Toulouse in front of his neighbor Mr P.M, former councilor resigning and friend of the Mayor, Mr COLLIN because the latter can not stand the rooster's singing or the cackling and smells of hens. Michel Vienne has about fifteen sour silk hens and a rooster, he comes from the agricultural world and the galinaces are his passion. When Mr. M bought his home, chickens had been there for a long time. To date, on the village of 200 people, only 6 houses have not signed the petition .... Proof is that chickens do not interfere with the world !!! We ask you for a maximum of support in order to prove to the mediator that the hens have their place with the rooster in the garden of this simple citizen and that this dear Mr M accepts the sounds of our dear campaign or that he moves. .... I wish to point out that on arrival this dear neighbor dissatisfied also wanted to stop the bells of the church. ....enough is enough!!! 

Appointment on August 20, 2019 at 15 pm to the Town Hall of SAINT-GIRONS 09200 to support Michel, the rooster and its low court and claim the joys of living in the countryside with the sounds and smells that go with ..... Thank you