Provide Graduation Funds to Touro Class of 2020

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Given the COVID19 crisis, the decision was rightfully made to cancel our commencement events, and move them to an online platform. We petition Touro to provide a financial stipend to every member of the graduating Class of 2020, as the commencement we paid for is no longer happening. There is precedent for this already in MedEd; LECOM provided their students with a $800 refund, and Michigan State provided each student with a $2,000 scholarship. Our administration has consistently refused to be transparent regarding our tuition money and how funds are allocated; as students at Touro, we pay some of the highest tuition in the country, but have no idea how that money is spent. This is our money that we paid, and will continue to pay interest on as most students pay tuition with loans. Touro should show support for its graduating students by providing us with a financial stipend to alleviate the monetary stress of graduating during a pandemic.