Stop Machu Pichu airport construction!

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The construction of an airport very near ancient Machu Pichu, Peru, in the town of Chinchero, threatens forever the beauty and tranquility of one of the greatest and most visited archaeologIcal  sites in the world. Peruvian President, Martín Viscarra, initiated construction of the airport in May 2019, ostensibly to make it easier for tourists to visit Machu Pichu where there are presently as many as 5,000 daily visits by bus and an old railway train from Cusco.  Bulldozers have already begun construction amidst local, national and international outrage and condemnation from various groups. And, private bids for building construction of the airport have been received from European and Asian corporations who are less interested in the safety of passenger air travel and the disruption of the peaceful setting of Machu Pichu than realizing lucrative profits on the construction. The weather in this high altitude town of Chinchero is plagued with sudden changes of  dangerously high winds and frequent hail storms, making an airport in this location very dangerous for both travelers and the people of Chinchero. These conditions forced the abandonment of this plan in the 1980's by a previous president of Peru who described it as a very foolish project when he and his pilot were nearly killed by abrupt changes in weather during an aerial survey.  Yet, Martin Vizcarra remains undaunted.  Only massive petitions from outside of the country that threaten cessation of tourism to Peru are going to stand a chance of stopping Vizcarra from moving forward with this disastrous airport project.  A rapid light rail transit from Cusco would make for much safer travel to this cherished world site.