Help more families when traveling to third world countries after a tragedy. Canada do more

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Our family and many more like ours have lost loved ones travelling to third world countries. Years of family trips together to Jamaica brought us great happiness and memories. Until the fatal night my daughter's life was taken in a fatal car accident. The driver charged after 6 court cases fighting for justice for my daughter's life. The accused was set free to live his life with no remorse. Our own Canadian Tourism Board turned a blind eye to help our family. I was lost looking for the accused driver who left the scene of the accident. He left Jamaica and was hiding in the United States. The Canadian Embassy in Jamaica were no help with finding this man charged with the death of my 27 year old daughter Carly Marie. I only had the help of the local people from the village. To finally to tell me where this murderer was living in the United States of America. I had the help of one RCPP officer where I live to get a hold of the immigration office in the United States. When the driver returned home 2 years later to Jamaica for a family visit. He was arrested after his passport was runned entering through airport security. Waiting outside were the police to arrest and bring him to jail. This only lasted a few hours where he was bailed out. The justice system in Jamaica is a nightmare they make you feel like you're the enemy. Travelling back and forth 6 times in 3 years for court cases all the way from Canada. Our family never gave up praying for this man to be found quilty. I been going to Jamaica for over 30 years I know how the police take the law with a joke in their opinion. I can honestly say that I know that the judge was paid off from the family of the accused. To find him innocent of all charges and to send our family home without anything for our beautiful Carly Marie. I am sending this message to all families who travel to third world countries. We all need more laws to fight against the way we are treated when visiting these countries. The third world countries should really think if it wasn't for families traveling to their countries. They would be living very poorly so Canada take care of your own.