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Love Zachary Morris? Send him to Australia to be a Wildlife Caretaker!
Hate Zachary Morris? Send him to Australia, home of the deadliest wildlife in the world!
No particular feelings? Make him happier than a kookaburra by sending him to Australia!

Like gravity, Zachary is very hard working. Unlike gravity, Zachary is not in Australia...yet. This petition is meant to show support for Zachary is his quest to become Wildlife Caretaker. These signatures will be sent to Tourism Australia, in the hopes of showing them his wide base of support.

Stronger than a mob of wallabies. More inventive than a flying fox. Zachary Morris is...Australia's next Wildlife Caretaker.

Letter to
"Best Jobs in the World" Tourism Australia
Wildlife Caretaker /ˈwīldˌlīf ˈke(ə)rˌtākər/ n. (2013)
A responsible, deeply caring and knowledgeable individual with a passion for precious wildife and ecosystems, and a desire to share it with the world. Synonym: Zachary Morris

I believe Zachary Morris is an ideal choice for Wildife Caretaker based on his enthusiasm, past experience and strong initiative!
Please make his dreams come true, and make him Wildife Caretaker.

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