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Bring Colleen Ballinger/Miranda Sings to Portugal

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Colleen Ballinger, most known as her character Miranda Sings, is a worldwide phenomenon, having amassed over 25 million followers on all of her social medias combined. She also has a successful Netflix series called “Haters Back Off” and sells out shows all over the world.

She has toured on European countries like the UK, Norway, Sweden, The Netherlands and Germany.

But sadly, she’s never been to Portugal. And we want to make that happen.

Colleen has numerous fans in Portugal. Indeed, she has made headlines in websites such as GQ Portugal, BBC Portugal, Publico and TVI24, both for her Netflix show and for her yearly earnings.

If Colleen came to Portugal, she could perform at:

- Teatro Tivoli BBVA, Lisbon (1.088 seats)

- Sala Suggia, Casa da Música, Oporto (1.238 seats)

Please make this happen. Us, Portuguese fans, would love it and appreciate it.

Please use the hashtags #colleentoportugal and #mirandatoportugal and tag Colleen/Miranda all over social media.

Thank you

- Artur


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