Tougher Sentencing for Homicide cases in Ireland

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After 7 years into a "Life" sentence for Murder a Life sentence prisoner can be considered for release by the parole board we need to introduce minimum term tarrifs to deter these henious crimes. 

We believe that this is why the system is gone so soft in Ireland. Murderers have been known to get out after a few years for killing somebody for something so simple as not having a cigarette when begged in the street

We need pressure on our European parliament members to get serious about the jobs they are elected to and take on Europe to ensure that we in Ireland will have whole life sentences back again to deter murderers who kill for anything at all these days when life has become so cheap. We need Taoiseach Enda Kenny and our new Minister for Justice Frances Fitzgerald to take up this campaign as a matter of urgency.

Seven months ago the Strasbourg-based European human rights court had said all convictions should be reviewed after 25 years regardless of the offences committed so this means under EU law we can impose minimum term tariffs.

We need our TDs and local councillors and candidates to speak out now.




Sentencing/ Bail:


We are petitioning that the mandatory life sentence for murder be reviewed with a view to introducing a minimum term of imprisonment of between 15 to 30 years for murder and depending on severity of the case whole life tariffs which would be set by the Trial Judge we cant have the current system of one sentence fits all..

We want the adoption of a set of non-statutory sentencing guidelines for homicide cases, to ensure that consistent criteria are applied when judges are sentencing for manslaughter or murder.

We want that existing bail laws be implemented by the judiciary especially when objection to bail is expressed by the Gardai

We want the adoption of a presumption that persons convicted of homicide 
or non-fatal serious violent assaults are not to be granted bail where the case is to be adjourned after conviction for sentencing, save in exceptional circumstances.

We recommend that the current practice of giving concurrent sentences to offenders who have already been sentenced to a homicide conviction be reviewed

Parole and release from prison:

We recommend that the 7 years parole application threshold for murder prisoners are reviewed with a view to extent it to 15-17 years.

We recommend appropriate representation on the parole board to express the views of families of homicide victims.

We recommend that the parole board, when reviewing the case of a person convicted of homicide, seek a written submission from the family of the victim.

We recommend that the family of a homicide victim be given the opportunity to register at the sentencing giving that they want to be informed in advance of the date on which the perpetrator of the homicide is to be released or repatriated.

We also recommend that any offender that is released from prison during a life sentence should be electronically tagged so that they can be monitored and be made sign on a register just the same as sex offenders in Ireland

We recommend that the current practice of 25% remission for good behavior be abolished for all homicide offenses