Tougher sentences for knife crime Jordan And Tyler’s Law

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In March 2017 Jordan Taylor died after suffering from numerous stab wounds. Jordan was stabbed with an illegal hunting knife in the front and back of his body. This was done with such force it punctured his abdominal aorta which resulted in death. These knife wounds were up to 13cms deep.

Jordans killer only served a 10month prison sentence for carrying a bladed article, Jordan’s killer claimed he acted in self defence. 

We would like to see changes in the law and tougher sentences imposed.

* A review of the current self defence and reasonable force laws

* People caught with knives are getting cautions, we would like to see a custodial sentence given.

* All licensed nightclubs to have a knife Arch fitted on there premises at the licence owners expense/ no Arch no licence

* Shops selling kitchen knives, should tag there knives or have knives in a glass locked cabinet.

* If caught with a knife on the streets the current maximum sentence is 4 years custodial , we would like to see 4 years minimum.
Jordan's crime was that he threw a can of deodorant at the killer , once the can fell to the floor jordan was unarmed .
Jordan did not use his fists to attack his killer and this was proven in court by the pathologist who carried out the post mortem.
On the same note jordan was not punched either by his killer, therefore the knife carrier went straight for jordan with the knife , rather than try to use his fists.
How can someone stab Some one 4 times and get nothing for doing so.
No wonder there is a epidemic of knife crime.
There is no deterrent or consequences for knife carriers.
I believe Jordans killer only used the knife simply because he had it, not because he was fearing for his own life.
If you go out with a knife you do so with the intention of using it .
People caught carrying knifes on our streets are getting cautions.

People that actually use the knives are often getting suspended sentences.

Let's unite together to make change.
Let's combat knife crime by changing the current laws as it's clearly not working.

*Agences joining together and work in schools and community centres. The world is changing . People are changing . Laws need to change. Up until a few years ago it was not legal for a man to marry another, but now it is, and we have seen the law change and tougher sentences relating to the use of mobile phones whilst driving, this has been extended to 6 points and £200 fine. Why can't the government change laws in relation to knife crime.

Please sign the petition. Jordan deserves justice!