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Change the Away Ticket Policy

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Tottenham Hotspur are at a crossroads in terms of support. I think we are a fantastic club with roots of good hard-working people who have a great interest in supporting our club to the fullest extent, but there are countless others looking to capitalize at the expense of others. With great success always comes the issue of financial burden for many supporters. A few years ago in respective games against Midtjylland, Southampton fans were asked to pay £22, whereas Manchester United supporters were made to pay £71. It is part of the territory when your club grow. 

However, one thing that must change is the away ticket policy. Without naming people who are well known to the online THFC ticket community, there are a handful of members who order tickets for every away game with no desire or intention to attend the game. Instead, it operates a beneficial step in two different ways for these fans. Not only do they sell the ticket for twice or even three times the face value (£20 is plenty? Not to these fans), but they also acquire the respective loyalty points for that away game, only meaning that they can repeat the process the next time. And the next time. And the next time. And the next time. 

I am aware that as a supporter, I am but a cog in the wheel. The club will continue to grow and people will continue to pay the astronomical prices that other supporters charge. With the FA Cup Semi Final in a few weeks, tickets online are already reaching the heights of £400 for a ticket in the top tier. That isn't right. Its not right for other fans, its not right for decent, hard working people, and it definitely isn't right that a club is now being supported for the wrong reasons. As if football wasn't enough of a wealthy man's competition, it has now reached a stage where Crystal Palace away in midweek is priced as if it was a Champions League final.

Please understand that again, I realize football is a business first. However, it should be a business for the club - not for some of our fans to capitalize on the dire financial restraints of others.

If people want to support the club, then I wish them nothing but the best. However, I must take issue with the fact that our current away ticket policy does nothing but encourage this black market behaviour of secondary selling by fans who do not even care to go, but rather just to make a quick £30-40 off of their fellow supporter. 

Earlier this week, we saw the generous acts of Borussia Dortmund fans (a club that every club in the world should look up to) who opened their homes to stranded Monaco fans after the horrible attacks in Germany. I don't know about opening their homes, but some fans sure want to open my wallet. It is a problem that should be dealt with.

If you are asking for suggestions, the answer is a hard one to find. Might I suggest that anybody caught buying tickets to more than three away games without attending be banned from purchasing tickets for the rest of the season. This is an idea that has bounced around and seems to ensure a way around a situation in which somebody might not be able to attend due to unforeseen circumstance. 

If possible, perhaps the THST or other bodies that have the fans' best interests in mind can be granted the privileged opportunity of sitting down with those at the club who make these sort of decisions. 

I appreciate your time, and reiterate that I make effort with the club's best interests in mind.

Always a supporter,


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