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Unfair costs for cancer patients compared to methadone users.

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People who take drugs such as herion are able to get low cost medical treatment by getting a prescription for a low dosage of methadone for as little as $35 AUS per week, unless given a subsidy where there is no cost at all. This is because the types of people dependant on this treatment are low-income earners.

Then you have people living with cancers such as leukaemia that require a lot of medical treatment, this can cost up to $100 000 per year. However the government says they are going to lower the costs to $38.80 per month and $6.30 for those wuth a concession. However this is only targetted at one specific medicine for people who suffer from the most common form of leukemia. Imbruvica, which is used to treat chronic lymphocytic leukemia. Does not include any help for the costs of other cancer treatments suchs as chemotherapy.

This is all very good and well but let's now look at the families that require their children to access treatment and the costs for them to seek accomodation to be nearby their sick child. The costs for families to stay in places such as Ronald MacDonald House is $25 per day considered as a donation, if they are unluckly to not be asked to stay at no cost.

Lets think about this, a person dependent on methadone treatment may only need this treatment for no longer than 10 years. So if the person pays $35 per week for 10 years the total cost they will pay is $18 200.

Whereas a person who needs cancer treatments will most likely require this for several months. Lets say a person with the most common form of leukemia needs the Imbruvica medicine for 2 years, this is a cost of $931.20 or for concession holders $151.20. This is considerably less than a person who requires methadone treatment for a maximum of 10 years, but what about the costs of other treatments?

Chemotherapy for example can have a cost for initial treatment as little as $7000, the costs can vary depending on a persons stage of cancer, the specific drugs required and any other factors relevant to the person. Sometimes the treatment can be as high as $30 000 over an eight week period. Obviously a cancer patient will more than likely require therapy for longer than eight weeks so this then costs the person and their family a lot of money.

If we think about this over a 2year period, initial treatment is $7000, then a minimum cost of $30 000 over an eight week period adds up to $202 000. Some people may not even survive this long so this could become considerably less. 

But now let's think about the families of children who need to go through this treatment. They clearly cant just work to fund this sort of money plus funding the costs for if they require to stay nearby. $25 a day may not sound like much but if your child is in hospital for a year this accounts up to $9 125 per year.

Now that you are aware of the costs involved in my petition, I would like to see the government funding those that need it most. It's very unfair that people who choose to take herion get more help than people who didn't choose to have cancer. 

Its time the goverment started helping families and people living with leukemia and seeking these expensive medical treatments with better funding.

I'm hoping that if i get enough signitures that we as a country can get the attention of the government to make a change for those that need it the most.

Please stand with me.

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